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Colocation brought to you by Ethernet LLC provides colocation services used in the data sourcing industry to help it's customers off-site data storage, in some of the top data center facilities in the US. Since the loss of data can be crucial for companies of any size, due to disciplinary action for employees or loss of their job, as well as an unexpected loss in data as a result from fires, earthquakes, floods, or any sort of natural disaster, it is important to ensure the maximum security in the process.

Colocation has been a leader in providing colocation services in the telecommunications industry since 2005. We help customers with multiple locations to access network, server and data storage space, connecting them to a variety of service providers. You can benefit of the Colocation services if your business is:

  • Medium or large organization placing related roles or groups in a single room, building or campus
  • A business with practice of locating multiple similar businesses in the same facility.
  • A trading organization placing multiple data centers in proximity to trading centers
  • Telecommunications, primarily wireless telecommunications facilities such as mobile wireless (cell sites) and radio broadcasting, it refers to the practice of locating multiple wireless broadcast facilities/providers within the same facility. Many jurisdictions now mandate colocation of mobile wireless carriers within a single facility to avoid the proliferation of wireless communication towers.
  • Fast food chain restaurant industry with multiple locations
  • Retail sector with multiple services.
  • Airports or other airline industry facilites.

Colocation will help you compare the Colocation services from more than 40 top nationwide service providers and ensure not onnly the top quality services, but also the lowest possible rates in your area.